Passive cooling for Khadas VIM Pro

Hello everybody!

I had problem with my Khadas pro player, it was temperature related. Under KODI or Ubuntu, or game for example, the temperature reached 84-85 degrees Celsius. That was too hot, and the player started to throttling. It was unstable and unusable at that point. Then I started to looking across forums, internet portals and blogs and noticed that some guys put passive heatsinks to their player. When I put only heatsinks on the chips ant put player top back, temperature has increased very quickly. It was close to 80 degrees.That gave me an idea to make a new acrylic top, but with holes for cooling. So the hot air from the heatsinks could get out really quickly and cool down the player.

Then I made new drawings in autocad and order new top at the local firm. I have made a hole for the hot air.

I have install passive Arctic heatsinks on top of the s905x chip and memory.


Then I assebmled new acrilyc top on the player, and with the passive cooling it looked like this:

After mounting the passive cooling and the acrylic, temperatures were down by 15 degrees Celsius. Now my player tops at 70°C and there is no sign of throtling or overheating.

I had a little accident when I have assembling case back together. Middle acrylic part of the case broke on the thinnest place. Does anybody have schematics or drawings of the all parts of the case?

Thank you!


Hello, Nice project. Maybe this from Khadas Docs will help.
Note: Khadas will soon be releasing a new case for VIM and VIM2 that improves cooling.
Note: Temp readout in Kodi can read higher than actual temps. Try an app like this and see if it is different.

RDFTKV: Thank you for the reply and the links. I did use the original drawings for the new top with cutout. Unfortunately I broke the middle acrylic, which is “C” type, and it is very thin. I will draw a new one in Autocad and give to firm to cut it with laser.
I didnt know for the new cases, will definetly look into the forum. If the price will be ok, I will definetly get one.
For the temperatures, I did use “finger” method and the chip was about the temp that was reported by the kodi. Maybe there was error with metering but I was looking with some other programs (not CPU monitor) and the reading was pretty much the same. But, even so, the temperature droped for about 15 degrees and that was my goal. I will definetly try and CPU monitor, just to see difference between him and Kodi.
What is important, now I have stable box which is working fine. :slight_smile:

Where electronics are concerned, I also have an aversion to heat. Glad you were successful in lowering temps, and I know the VIM is happier. :grin:

BTW I also broke one of my acrylic case sections doing a mod, same piece it sounds like. You are not alone. :sunglasses:

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Yep, VIM is happier with the four heat sinkers :smile:

Sure it is, it is singing to me now… :smiley: