Panfrost G5x GPU Support Coming to Kernel 5.10

We have been waiting for way too long.

Good news is, this time around it got some blessing from Bifrost.


@O635789 did you check this out ? :slight_smile:


Yes I saw that post. However, I tried the Ubuntu image with kernel 5.9, hardware acceleration appears not working in Chromium after set the flags, I doubt the driver is activated.

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The driver is still in beta, I’m sure those discrepancies will be resolved soon after official release :slight_smile:

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You can check dmesg output to see if the driver in enabled.

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@O635789 We are updating the kernel to 5.10-rc6. Tested the panfrost driver and it already works normally on VIM3. When we release, you can use panfrost on VIM3


The greatest news in a long time!

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@O635789 We will release soon


cant wait … thank you for the great effort


Been running Elecr’s 5.10 with panfrost and mesa’s git master from Jan 15-20. Finally stable, no crashing under Xorg or Wayfire/Wayland. No HDMI glitches, no window texture errors.

Only one GL/GLes program so far has triggered a driver error, and that’s NifSkope
NifSkope: …/src/gallium/drivers/panfrost/pan_job.c:1306: pan_pack_color: Assertion `!“Unknown generic format size packing clear colour”’ failed.

Everything else so far has worked without rendering errors, albeit somewhat slowly. Mali g52 is ‘unoptimized’ according to the developers.

its not “my” 5.10 lol
its just the image built with the script :smile:

tbh, its “our” kernel :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like to do whatever you did to build this, with newer 5.11 kernel, once Alyssa and Icecream95 get around to some of the hinted-at optimizations for mali g52.

Am a bit curious why Frank and the Khadas team haven’t released a 5.10 kernel like yours, since the finally-working panfrost is such a huge advantage.

It does seem to require a current mesa build though.

Morrowind, sadly is too slow in scenes with 100-140k triangles. Anything under 100k is pretty playable. Supertuxkart manages playable framerates up to around 140k triangles, as long as the per-pixel lighting is disabled (graphics quality <3)

@clort76 I documented a way to build the images online with github actions :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
look to here for the instructions:

if you even needed, I can help add some cron functionality to the script if you wanted nightly builds with the latest kernel, and also 5.11 hasn’t been released yet in fenix as far as I am concerned, the image I got yesterday was still with 5.10…

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@clort76 We don’t release a image with 5.10-rc6. But you can build wiht fenix , the mainline kernel is 5.10-rc6 now .

Following the comments in panfrost discussion, I don’t think we should expect smooth pointer motion during high gpu load or significant performance improvements until summer 2021 at earliest.

As it stands, the Electr1 5.10 kernel + current mesa has been stable for me, even pushing GPU far beyond its capabilities with openMW.