Painlessly usable Linux distro?

That’s really strange since when I tested with CONFIG_HZ=1000 I got similar results wrt memory performance:

According to ayufan the way lower memory performance with Rockchip’s BSP kernel compared to mainline is related to CONFIG_HZ and switching from 1000 to 250 fixed it for him. Hmm… I need to test with my RockPro64 tomorrow…

So the result in for RockPro64 4.4 kernel is CONFIG_HZ=250 ? I found the memory performance is lower then mainline kernel.

Nope, that was also with CONFIG_HZ=1000 – I need to retest soon.

Now that @balbes150 pushed his Armbian changes (using 250Hz and the other tweaks already) I’ll test with his images. :slight_smile:


New result with latest ayufan image where he switched to CONFIG_HZ=250 but still at 1.8/1.4GHz:

Memory performance (big.LITTLE cores measured individually):
memcpy: 1800.4 MB/s 
memset: 8313.6 MB/s 
memcpy: 3513.9 MB/s 
memset: 8410.0 MB/s (0.5%)

Vs. Edge/Captain also with CONFIG_HZ=250 but at 2.0/1.5GHz:

Memory performance (big.LITTLE cores measured individually):
memcpy: 1391.1 MB/s (0.2%)
memset: 4821.1 MB/s
memcpy: 2856.5 MB/s (0.3%)
memset: 4882.2 MB/s (0.6%)

Significant change was this and afterwards memory performance was reported at same level as mainline kernel.

Maybe CONFIG_ARM_ROCKCHIP_DMC_DEVFREQ is the culprit? vs.

Interestingly on ayufan’s image /sys/bus/platform/drivers/rockchip-dmc/dmc/ is missing completely…