Overclocking possible?

thanks for the rom suggestion. i’m currently using linux on it more then android even thought i have it dual booted. I have a raspberry pi heat sink on it with a fan blow on it and still throttles when pulling full load with “yes”… i might take my water cooling setup i have for raspberry pi and try it on this guy and see what happens

That will be interesting. Please post pictures if you do, my curiosity has been piqued.:slight_smile:

If you have not checked on the work of @balbes150, you may want to have a look. He offers several Linux varieties .

that’s the image of the watercooled raspberry pi, i would think it might look similar. if your interested i have it on my youtube channel. youtube novaspirit tech


Nice channel and video. :+1:

thanksss while i have ypu here cam you tell me how to disable overscan?

Sorry, I am only a casual Linux user. @Gouwa or @balbes150 may know how. In addition to Gouwa, other Khadas staff may also know.
Hope you find the solution.

Yep, it’s possiable overclocking for bot VIMs, but need to recompile the linux kernel for this.




ohhh man!! this is going to be fun!!

there is not much of a write up for this, can you give me quick instructions on how to compile for linux/ubuntu kernel. thanksss

i keep getting errors while compiling, i get driver error

You can refer to Use Fenix scripts to build your own ubuntu image
If you has question for it, please tell me,

Hi, Donald & novaspirit:
If needed, we can build a overclock ROM for your testing and preview. :wink:

OMG that would be great!!! fastest possible so at least i can put the water cooler to work!!

i’m checking out the source files the fenix script uses to compile for ubuntu and i can’t seem to find anywhere for 1536 clock speed to edit

What’s the version of kernel? 3.14 or 4.9?
The version 4.9 still don’t support for overclock. We need more time to add support for overclock.
Sorry for that.

his is all the spots i found with the sys_max. should i edit all or just mesongxl and mesongxm?

khadas@Khadas:~/project/khadas/ubuntu/linux/arch/arm64$ grep -r "1536"
boot/dts/amlogic/mesongxl.dtsi: sys_max = <1536000000>;
boot/dts/amlogic/mesontxl.dtsi: sys_max = <1536000000>;
boot/dts/amlogic/mesongxm.dtsi: sys_max = <1536000000>;
boot/dts/amlogic/mesongxtvbb.dtsi: sys_max = <1536000000>;
boot/dts/amlogic/mesongxbb.dtsi: sys_max = <1536000000>;
boot/dts/amlogic/odroidc2.dts: trip_point = <70 1536001 1536001 511 511 3 2
boot/dts/amlogic/odroidc2.dts: keep_mode_max_range = <1536000 792 4 3>;

VIM: mesongxl
VIM2; mesongxm

any word on this yet?

Hi, novaspirit:
Does Android overclock ROM with 3.14 kernel match your idea?

If yes, our guys can build one for your testing.


would that be able to work on ubunut? if so that would be great