OTA update process?


I have a my own build kvim2-ota-20170924.zip how can I flash it?

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Firstly, you need to copy your kvim2-ota-20170924.zip into SDCARD or USB storage.
Then you can enter the menu Settings-> More Settings -> About device -> System updates
Have a try.

Hi @Terry,

I did exactly how you wrote but still could not update.
I received popup window whit text about waiting or preparing … (did not tak a pic of it) then on second click on Update button vim2 started to shutdown and stayed with that for couple of minutes and nothing happen so I just power off with button. After that vim2 booted. So I could not update by system update.

Could you please try/check my build for vim2 Nougat?


Ok, I will try your build for vim2 Nougat.
I think it doesn’t work because the system information of your ROM is diffrent with our ROM.
Firstly, You can try to flash your ROM into VIM2 with usb upgrade tool. After doing that, you can update it by OTA again.


will try again with sdcard update. Last time I tried it didn’t work probably because I wasn’t installed uboot to sdcard.


I am experiencing exactly the same situation.

Currently on VIM2 there is Nougat I’ve built myself and flashed with USB tool. Then I put kvim2-ota-20171010.zip on SD card, go to Settings-> More Settings -> About device -> System updates and select that image, check to wipe data partition and after confirming system restarts and Khadas (boot logo) is shown infinitely - Android doesn’t load.

When I restart (with button) old Android loads, so OTA is not flashed.

Just reboot into recovery and go to update over ext.
Select sdcard and navigate to zip file.

That is how I flashed it.


Thanks, will be aware that this method works :+1:

Anyway, for other ROM users I’d like settings app to work because it is very convenient for novice users and allows easily to select whether to wipe or retain data partition. Hope @Terry will have some hints how to fix that app :wink:

Wiping data partition is not needed until there will be a major update of Android (oreo).
So dirty flash is for now good to go.

Maybe there is something missing in framework and overlay that caused FC in system app.
Haven’t had time to fire up logcat.

You can try to get logcat of it with syslog app.


@Terry Does System updates app need some special permissions or additional rules to be able to flash ZIPs?

What’s the issus of you? Did you can’t update your rom by OTA?
Can you provide the printing log for me?

Sadly I am unable to connect via ADB to run logcat :neutral_face:

I think you need to connect a console tool with your device. Maybe some useful informations can’t be got via ADB.

Hii @ssehovic

How did you generate your own OTA build??
I want to do this with VIM3 Android Pie AOSP.

Uff I have completely forgot how I did it. Sorry about that.
I used to build cyanogenmod custom rom for my tablet. If I remember correctly you shoud have AOSP source and device tree for vim3.
Haven’t been using android on vim for ages :slight_smile: now I am using only ubuntu/debian on it.