OS08A10 Camera not recognized by Android

Just got my new camera in the mail, hooked it up and I’m not able to use it on the Android Pie image. Also tried to find it as front, back and external camera and it does not show up. Looking with Camera2API probe it shows no cameras attached.

Any ideas?

What application are you using?

I’m using my own application, but the example I gave Camera2API Probe is available on the Google play store.

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I found this application, try another application for the test, the Khadas team hope to give a detailed answer soon!

OK turns out to be my bad,

I was not on the latest firmware. I updated to the latest image and am able to work with the camera!

The image is coming in fairly blue/purple, I will post with some examples.

Thanks for the quick replies.

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At the risk of stating the obvious, are you certain the cable is right way around in the connector?
I ask only because I have some experience with wrong way around connections.:grin:

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I thought that at first :joy: looks like the firmware upgrade did the trick. Thanks!

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