OS Installation on VIM4 using oowow

Hello Khadas community,
I want your help for installing Android 11 OS on VIM 4 using oowow. I have followed the process from this link
https://dl.khadas.com/.temp/oowow/screencast/quick-start/-gallery?play=loop . Whenever I download OS by selecting appropriate .img file (android 11 -32 bit in my case ) . And click on install suddenly my HDMI Device screen get off and shows the khadas symbol. I have attached the screenshot below.

its mean device reset ? looks like as power problem …

  • reboot happens every time in same time (progress indicator) ?
  • what about other images?
  • this problem was always?
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Same problem for other images also

How you supply the power? Please use our 24W PD adaptor.

Whenever i click on install i get this on my HDMI device.


Do we need 24W power supply? Vim 3 worked with pc power supply too.


Yes, 24W power supply is needed, please use it to check.

Its working fine as expected with 24W adapter-cable.
Thanks very much for suggestions.