OpenWrt 19.07.3.v0.7.servers won't boot on VIM3L

I would like to build my own OpenWRT image (so that I can run GoldenOrb on my VIM3L), so I started by just creating a default 19.07.02 image by following the instructions from @hyphop here:

It completed, but installing nto an SD card just doesn’t boot (I get a blinking LED and blinking cursor, but it doesn’t go any further).

I then tried using the latest image here:

But that has the same result (blinking LED, blinking cursor, no boot)

However, If I use from the same link, I am able to boot properly and configure OpenWRT.

Is there any change needed to build the ‘v0.7’ image?

which system and uboot on emmc ?
if emmc have old uboot u can get some booting problem with openwrt from sd for new images


u have 3 variants

  1. install openwrt to emmc
  2. install new mainline uboot to emmc
  3. clean emmc (just boot area)

PS: i will check and try improve booting for old uboot soon

How can I tell which U-boot I am running?
I accidentally wiped the u-boot when playing around a while back. I then installed CoreElec 9.2.2 to emmc with krescue which put u-boot back. I then installed Ubuntu 20.04 to emmc (with 4.9 kernel) via USB-hostmode. I’ve tried installing the Mainline u-boot via krescue, but it just says ‘Installation Failed’
So I’m guessing I have the old u-boot installed, but am not sure how to update it.

but it just says ‘Installation Failed’

plz re-download krescue last system image and write it again to sd !!! >

Next write mainline uboot to emmc via krescue and start openwrt from sd or write whole openwrt to emmc via same krescue

That is the image I tried.
aae31737969bbbab88dba7cf639a3e5c /media/media/torrents/zzImages/

But just to be sure, I just tried it again.
I then selected:
Khadas.UBOOT.mainline.emmc.kresq (dated July 16)

And I get the error:
installation FAILED!

I tried installing the Khadas.OPENWRT.19.07.3.v0.7.servers.emmc.kresq image anyway, but it says something about not being able to find the filesystem:

Failed to mount ext2 filesystem…
no partition table mmc2

and then tries to boot from TFTP

I made some additional progress. I installed mainline u-boot (manually with mmc_boot…I still can’t get krescue to install it). I then put OpenWRT 19.07.3 v0.7 on an SD card and tried to boot. This resulted in a boot loop. But I noticed there was a message on the screen for a split second as it rebooted.
That message says:

BUG at drivers/usb/host/xhci-ring.c:496/abort_td()

I have 2 USB devices: One is a Quectel EM06-A (in the M.2 slot, but detected as USB device) and the other is my wireless keyboard. Unpluging the modem didn’t change the behavior, but unplugging the keyboard allowed OpenWRT to boot. I then plugged it in after getting the prompt and was able to setup openwrt. Not having a keyboard connected during boot is annoying, but at least I can proceed for now.

be sure your sd card is ok

sd card is fine. I have tried this with multiple cards and same effect. definitely something wrong with this keyboard + u-boot

tnx ! write me full detail about your configuration ! i will try reproduce it on next week !


VIM3L with M2X and Quectel EM06-A modem
mainline u-boot (installed via mmc_boot) on EMMC
OpenWRT 19.07.3.v0.7 on 8GB SD card from:
Rii Wireless keyboard plugged into the USB2 port of the VIM3L (but the same happens using the USB3 port too)

When booting, I get a message:

BUG at drivers/usb/host/xhci-ring.c:496/abort_td()

which results in an immediate reboot.

If I unplug the keyboard USB dongle, the board boots into OpenWRT properly.

Also, the board will not boot into krescue with the keyboard attached unless I hold the power button while powering on (same boot-loop message).

If I use the old u-boot (with the image or Ubuntu emmc image) the board boots properly with the keyboard attached (and will enter krescue automatically without holding the power button)

OK! tnx i will check whats wrong soon!! big tnx for testing )

ok and sorry ! problem confirmed !!! images will be updated soon ! plz wait