OpenElec & LiberElec WishList

Hi balbes150, I have had bad experiences with 6/28 and 7/5 builds in both instances, Live TV HD stream plays in slow motions, and several TV shows files plays in slow motions regardless of how tricked Kodi settings.

However, in the box that is in bed room with this build Kodi.17.1-RC2 Git:5814568, complied : March 23 2017, Version 8.0.2 (Kernel: Linux 3.14.29) works flawless.

Would you be Kind to post this build Kodi.17.1-RC2 Git:5814568, complied : March 23 2017, in your usual repository as would like to install this my other devices, MY CHILDREN ARE DRIVEN CRAZY.

Kodi 17.3 Git 147cec4, compiled: May 31, 2017Kernel Linux 3.14.29, this also work fine

Thanks for your kind supports as always

Unfortunately I have no way to store all the options. Try to ask here. Judging by the list there are the desired options.

By the way, this user is on the forum and Khadas.

In June (06/28) and July (07/04) assemblies there is a problem with video playback.
I updated it from the old version and installed everything again. No difference. The video does not play correctly.
For the test, I installed the assembly of kszaq 8.0.2e (2017-07-04). The video plays smoothly.