Opencv doesn't see mipi camera

I’m using Kkhadas Vim3 with Ubuntu 20.04. I have installed opencv 4.6, it opens usual photos with cv2.imread. But when I’m tryinf to read a frame, he just stops in the dead cycle. Then I decided to check the status of my cam and this is what I get:

This is my lis devices
(I tried vide0, video10, video11, video12, video13 and result is the same)
(Camera is from official Khadas store and yes, it fits to Vim3)

Here as you can see he opens a jpg photo:

however command v4l2_test -c 1 -p 0 -F 0 -f 0 -D 0 -R 1 -r 2 -d 2 -N 1000 -n 800 -w 0 -e 1 -I 0 -b /dev/fb0 -v /dev/video0 works, but after I run it, it plays video for few seconds, then crashes (maybe it’s my display problems, I’m using weird and small bcs my optional in repair store)