Official repo for the Mali user space library

HI Khadas staff,
I have a request: can you store/push on your official github the user space Mali libraries for the Khadas,
I mean the for the framebuffer and for X11 that matches the buildroot Amlogic Mali kernel driver

At now I am working on a distribution with the Mali that working in frame buffer mode ( ), after that I would like to add the X11 support

For the frame buffer mode I have used the buildroot Mali kernel driver from Amlogic website and for the user space library I am using this one

I think that should be better have an official repo on the Khadas website with these libraries, this could improve a lot the support for the developers and integrators that wants use your boards into their projects and products.


Any updates about this ?
@Gouwa @Terry

Hi, Pier:
Yes, you are right, we will do that work when everything we test okay.

And I’ve noticed that you have token a lot effort on Mali for VIM, thanks for the sharing.

I see this thread is rather old. I followed the build instructions for Linux (picked mainline, debian, etc…) but the build failed because is missing from the build tree.

I understand the is provided by Amlogic in various flavours, but the build instructions do not mention anything specific. Did I miss some steps ?