(Off Topic) which S/W this forum is built with?

Sorry for the ridiculous question.
But I love this forum’s looks and interfaces. I’d never seen this in other communities.
I want just to know this forum S/W or service name. I’ll google it for more details.

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I believe it is “Discourse”, you are asking the forum hosting service right ?

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hi, i think some of the admins might say

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Thanks for all kinds reply.
Disclosure seems ruby on rails Someday, I’ll try to use this for my private small commnunity.

If not private, can you please tell us about the community you plan to host for? :wink:

Discourse is free to use open source platform which can be installed on self hosted server.

You can try this link. Most forums are using this as it is very easy and have many useful features which are only available in paid forum platforms.

Good luck.