NPU what operations does it support

What are the operations that the NPU can perform.

I.e convolution? what is the maximum kernel size

other than convolution can it perform any other operation?

@numbqq @Frank response.

@krishnak About these questions, because of some irresistible factors, we will reply you next week.

I found these on NPU SDK… It doesn’t mention what kernel size is supported

You can check the datasheet of NPU here:

8.6 NPU

thanks for the documentation, can you let me know whether there is a RAM limitation on the NPU or can it use all the available RAM for its operation

@numbqq Can you also let me know the supported operations on VIM3L

I don’t have such documentation now. I’m not sure whether it is the same for A311D.

Is documentaion available with Amlogic? Can you get the document at some point in near future. When was the chipset released? I would like to see the difference considering this one is 1.2 TOPS and the other one is 5 TOPS. Is there a MIPI camera available which can be ordered along with the board?

@krishnak We can get this information, but it takes time to communicate. We have a Mipi camera, which will go online in the future. You can see the introduction of this camera in our YouTube video about NPU

the video says VIM3L can only support USB camera, does it mean it has to run a full OS for NPU operation.

Both VIM3 and VIM3L should run an OS (ubuntu or android) to make use of the NPU… As for the camera VIM3L does have a MIPI port so It should be able to support a MIPI camera as VIM3

The video on youtube clearly states VIM3L chip lacks ISP and hence it can only use a USB camera

VIM3L also can support the MIPI camera which has a ISP buildin, but we don’t have samples at current stage.So you have to use the USB camera now.