NPU documentation and tools

@kaishi It will take some time. Please wait patiently.We are dealing with it

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Any idea when this will be available?


Hi @kaishi
Actually, as the Amlogic A311D use the Verisilicon NPU IP, and they require each clients to sign the NDA with Verisilicon to get a KEY ID for each project first, then they will release the toolkit and documentations.

We still try to simply the process for VIM3 users, but it might take some time, we will update more here in the next few days.


Any news on this topic? Also who will be providing the integration with TensorFlow? Does this come with the Verisilicon Toolkit or will you build an extension that allows TensorFlow to make use of the NPU through Verisilicon’s toolkit?

Rockchip 3399pro also uses Verisilicon NPU IP,.
Is A311D NPU performance better than RK3399Pro?
Toybrick has released conversion tools library, rknn for ubuntu. Can this tool be used for A311D’s ubuntu system?


We also have the model convert tool, we’ll release the tool when the licence issue is resolved.

I was wondering if the architecture of the A311D is compatible in some way with Qualcomm’s Hexagon. If it is we could use Xiaomi Mace framework for AI, it has excellent performance even compared to tflite.

Any update of the date which tools/documentation will be available?




I already tried it and it works on my system. However, I am more interested to use other NN models which needs a conversion tool and API documentation.


Hi @kaishi
Please sent an email to with the project information, and we will reply you by email.

Due to the license limited, currently we still cannot release the NPU toolkit in public.

BTW, our team are training a model and let the VIM3 to recognition all our Khadas products, we will release the model when it ready.

Good day!


It will be nice if you can release mobilenet-ssd so I can benchmark performance of A311D s RK3399PRO while I am waiting for tool release.


When will you release your NPU toolkit? Can’t wait anymore. :upside_down_face:

Yes, it’s ready, but still not available in public at the moment.

Please write a email to with your project information, as we will reply you by email.

Good day!

Hi I just wrote an email request for toolkit to (my email is but no any response. We want to test our AI racing car to compare with Jetson Nano but Vim3 not provide any information about NPU.


It is not reasonable to ask a user to send an email to

The right to handle this is your company should let users know when this tool/documentation will be available and ask them to wait. Unfortunately, your company has not been able to provide a date so far.



Can’t agree more. Without toolkit ad document, VIM3 is just another raspberry pi.:upside_down_face:


I agree
I bought the Vim3 to use the NPU!
Which linux image is advised if I want to use the NPU?

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Same here. Waiting for the NPU doc and examples before buying boards.

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