Not finding 'rk_usb_force_mode' in kernel and device directory


I am familiar with the rockchip rk3399 processor because I have worked with it and I am aware that there has to be driver for usb debug like “drivers/usb/dwc3/dwc3-rockchip.c”. But I did not find this in kernel directory of Khadas Edge-V Pi source.

Particularly I am looking for the parameter ‘rk_usb_force_mode’ to enable/disable the USB connection of Khadas Edge-V board.

Does Khadas Edge-V have ‘rk_usb_force_mode’ ?

hlm@Server:/users/hlm/9_Edge/kernel$ find drivers/usb/ -iname “dwc3-rockchip.c”

Thanx… I found the driver. But I want to add a feature for USB enable/disable in Settings app. So, I tried to change the USB mode from adb shell.

rk3399:/sys/kernel/debug/fe800000.dwc3 # echo “host” > mode

So, can I use ‘/sys/kernel/debug/fe[800000]/mode’ in Settings app to change the USB mode?

of course, However, you need to add the node permission, like this:

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