Noob wants to set up Tone Board VIMs Edition in car

Hello All,

I am a complete Noob to Khadas and the Tone Board but a long time car audio hobbyist and after reading everything I could find on the Tone Board I want to set up a system in my car with the VIMs Edition using a to be decided audio player outputting into the Tone Board then directly to my boot mounted DSP via Coax with the Tone Board connected to a small dash mounted LED display. From what I have read I ‘think’ this is possible but to be sure I am wondering if anyone who is in the know about the capabilities of the Tone Board VIMs edition would reply with a yea or nae.

Thanks for any replies.


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Definitely possible!

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tsangyoujun, thanks for replying.Your car setup looks great! I have a question if you don’t mind. What device are you using for playback and how is it connected? Also are you using a dedicated DSP?



@Donanon that’s not my car actually - random video pulled off YouTube. :smile:

Doh! My mistake. BTW can VIM3L used with Tone Card input and output i2s ?


So I am going to order a VIM3L, 3705 Cooling Fan. Tone Board and TS050 Touchscreen for my Car SBC system. I want to use S/PDIF directly to my DSP. Will this set up allow me to do this? Or should I order a VIM3 Basic?

if you want spdif, you do not need a TB, just use a cheap USB-to spdif dongle

Thanks for the reply ravelo.

I am confused. I thought I needed a digital audio player and outboard DAC with VIM3L to output to my DSP. Will the VIM3L play audio files from the Micro SD card? I have read everything I could find on this site about the VIM3 boards but I could find nothing on audio playback.

VIM models 1, 2, 3 and 3L have SPDIF available on the GPIO, pins 13 and 14. See VIM3L specs here, look at 40-pins line.

If your DSP accepts Coaxial SPDIF input, all VIM models should be able to supply it with SPDIF signal. Optical SPDIF is also a possibility.
The VIMs should be able to play audio files from onboard storage, SD card, USB connected storage and M.2 NVMe SSD(with optional M2X board).
Not sure what audio file types will play, I would think most. May depend on the app used.

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if someone has already managed to output audio thru spdif pin on the 40pin extension under linux or android to a receiver or dsp or anything that does digital to analog conversion ?

Running Android, I have used SPDIF on 40 pin to my Onkyo receiver. Have done that with VIMs 1, 2 and I think VIM3. I will confirm that tonight. I do not have a VIM3L, so cannot test that.

Update: @ravelo I tried SPDIF on the VIM3 tonight and no go. I assume Khadas needs to activate it in their next firmware.

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In the specification section of the VIM3L is included: “40 Pin GPIO Header (USB, I2C, I2S, UART, ADC etc)” so I am hoping that it can output I2S directly to my DSP.

Thanks for all the replies.

By the way, my DSP only accepts a PCM digital signal…I have checked the VIM3L documentation and found nothing on this. Anyone know if the VIM3L will output a PCM digital signal via SPDIF?

Sorry about the simple questions but I know jack about these things…reading a lot on them though.

never heard of a car dsp that accepts I2S input, what dsp it it ?

It’s the MiniDSP 6X8:
A great piece of kit IMO.

sorry, I see no I2S input on this face of the miniDSP

Sorry for the confusion, I thought I2S and SPDIF were basically the same.

Thanks for all the help everyone, I placed my order just now for the gear I need for my CarSBC. VIM3L, Touch Screen, Expansion Board and Fan. I’m going to fabricate a custom composite enclosure to mount the system into the dash of my Toyota and I will post a build log here.


How do you plan to power it up ?I would like to know so I can give it a try myself :stuck_out_tongue:

You mean the toneboard?

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My plan is to use these regulators from Pololu: They offer a wide range of voltage and current outputs.

Sorry, I meant the M2X Extension Board so that I can add a 1TB SSD to store music files on. I’m really enjoying this process so far, especially with what I am learning about electrical, mechanical and programming issues around SBC’s and computers in general.