No sound from brand new Tone Board

Received Tone Board today, no sound is coming out.

Plugged in Tone Board, Windows 10 installed it as the Khadas sound device.

Installed W10 drivers and now see it as the 2-XMOS device.

No sound is coming out, I can see W10 audio device manager volume bars go up/down when the Test tone is played.

Through your software tool it says FW is 1.02.
I’ve tried rebooting, moving between USB2 and USB3 ports.

Tried disabling all output devices except for 2-XMOS.

What’s the deal?

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I’m a freaking idiot. I had the Khadas output plugged into my Atom Amp output instead of Input…

Apparently was too excited to get this!

Everything is working fine, thank you!!


I assume most of us have done something just like that. :slight_smile:
Glad it is going.

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