No EMMC support with Linux >= 5.9?


I want to use my VIM3L as a server, and I noticed that Ubuntu/Debian is only available on EMMC with the 4.9 kernel.
Where this limitation come from ? Uboot or Linux ?

From whoever packaged up the image. Linux 5.9/5.10 both support emmc just fine.


I thought the same but fenix seems to not support this combination either

@Ticc0 if you need mainline linux on the eMMC, the current method is to flash the firmware to a SD card or USB pendrive and execute the linux command sudo emmc-install , this installs the mainline uboot and mainline linux image on the eMMC,

alternatively use Krescue to flash the mainline linux image directly to the eMMC.

fenix doesn’t support mainline linux and eMMC combination yet, but Gouwa said the team is working on it to bring it as soon as possible :slight_smile:

the main limitation is the packaging of the image from its regular form to a form the Amlogic burning tool can use.


FENIX already support any images for eMMC


and all *.raw.img.xz images can be writen via Krescue

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@hyphop I am referring to image that you burn with amlogic USB tool.

u can convert any amlogic burn images from fenix to raw.img.xz suitable for krescue
or just build it already as raw.img.xz format as written before



Thank you very much i will try

thank you for the info @hyphop !