No audio on Hd stations Dtv board

Hi I have installed Dtv board, android nougat V180619,It works well but there is no audio on any HD channels. I live in Australia obviously there is no codex support in software .Is there anyway to overcome this problem???

Do you mean that your DTV board will have audio in no-HD channels, right?

May be @Frank.DTV can help you out.

hi, we don’t have Dobly AC3/EAC3 licence of VIM2, as your describe , it’s normally HD(H246/H265 video) signal will use together with AC3/EAC3 audio, please check the audio format.

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In settings Android enable AC3 in Audio setting I recall get the Audio in HD

The Hd channels transmit in H264/mpeg-4avc.AC3is the only option in dvr software & it is selected.

I paid $20 for a usb tv dongle & the audio works on HD but paid $75 for Vim 2 tv board & it doesn’t I just keep wasting money on this Vim rubbish. I have $60 android boxes that support Dolby You pay $200 for vim2 which doesn’t.