Newbie with Khadas Tone Board Generic

Greetings everyone! I wanted to ask a few questions about the Khadas Tone Board - Generic regarding the headers that can be soldered manually. I’m new to all of this and just wanted to understand more. :heart:

(1) What purpose do the headers serve?

(2) Is the board programmable?

(3) Does the generic work right out of the box without soldering the headers onto the board?

Thank you friends for your patience and time with answering my questions!



Hi Phoebe:

There are two GPIO headers for KTB, 40-pin GPIO designed for VIMs SBC, and 20-pin GPIO for XMOS & further GPIO expanding.

Yep, as the KTB featured with XMOS and with programmable MCU, users can upgrade the firmware.


KTB user manual:

Have fun!


Thanks so much for the super thoughtful and helpful response, Gouwa! :heart: