New Khadas Vim Pro user with some questions

Hi Guys,

I received my Khadas Vim Pro today and just wanted to know what the best method of flashing Ubuntu on to the 16GB eMMC card is. I have seen some posts knocking about but they seem to be from a few months ago and want to make sure I use the most up to date version.

I am working on numerous projects including a comms box with Outernet, LED projects, drone, inmoov (hand and arm) robot etc. I will be using the Vim with my NexDock as my project computer so was wondering what interesting projects people are using the Vim for?

I was also wondering where the Vim was designed? Is it an Indian computer?

Greetings from London, UK. :slight_smile:


For me, firstly I would like to download the burning tool and upgraded by USB-C: link
the method descriped on webpage is very easy to learn.:slight_smile:
:woman: I am not a technology man but I can do it, so you will

Power key is the far-est key to USB slot.
Reset key is the nearest key to USB slot.

download the newest images of ubuntu, you need ubuntu Mate or Ubuntu Server?
maybe you can check on the firmware page of Khadas VIM link

after installing the burning tool (if re-named the file, dont use special symbol)
check step by step on the first link. you will find it is a very easy way.

Notice: the first time of power on after upgraded need to take 3-5 minutes to wake up

for traditional TV Box users, can upgrade different O/S.
be a server of Nas Storage, Karaoke Media Player we have already done for
or for digital signage.
Personally I think Khadas VIM is the best solutions on video streaming, especially for 4K

VIM is designed in Shenzhen, China.

welcome to the forum and I recommend the procedure that you find in the official website using the USB cable.

It is the easiest way if you have a PC with windows.

after a few attempts type Uninstall link installs the software are managed smoothly to do with an old PC 2005 with Windows 7

Also I put ubuntu and I am comfortable. Now I’m testing Android 7 and I can not wait to be released dual boot Android and Ubuntu 7.

Greetings from Italy


Thanks ever so much. I managed to get Ubuntu mate working. What’s the default password for the Khadas username? Also do you think Unity Desktop will work?

Once again thanks for the help.

The default password is: khadas, you can also check the ROM release category for further details.