New hardware suggestion

Have Khadas thought of using the Amlogic S905D3 or S905X3 to make a device like the Nano Pi Neo 3

As here 1

The Neo 3 has heat issues, thought to be caused by a SBC design flaw. Friendlyelec the makers of Neo 3 , are working on a RK3399 model.

As reported here

If Khadas do produce such a product, do place the SoC on the bottom of the SBC.
Then SoC can be directly connected to a heatsink or a metal enclosure for cooling. Such a design can mean once installed in a case, you can flip the case over, so heatsink is on top. The connection ports are now upside down but usable.


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VIM form is quite compact, and contains a multitude of ports,
and combined with VIM heatsink, it has a huge thermal overhead (not much for the RK3399, but applicable for S905D3/X3). especially with the low amount of heat generated even under load.

Everyone has known for a long time that Rockchip processors are hot enough and they need to be cooled, the device you are talking about is much worse than Edge on the same processor, so you will also have no problems with vim3L, you can safely buy vim3L and not worry about overheating!

Thanks for the suggestion!

Our roadmap don’t with any product will be designed in this solution I think, we tend to keep Khadas products compact & slim.

I think VIMs SBC is an ARM PC rather then a development board :blush:

Anyway, thanks again for the idea & feedback!

Good day!