New Firmware releases


It’s been a while since we had a new official firmware release Firmware Resources. Has anything changed or moved?



Unfortunately, there are no new firmware releases, they said it will be released this month, but the end of the month is soon, so i am not sure will it even be released.

When it comes to Ubuntu, i don’t believe that we will see any improvement, maybe they will release Ubuntu 18.04. instead of 16.04, but everything else will stay more or less the same.

Well, if they said end of the month, then let’s wait to the end of the month. At the end of the day even Microsoft is late with software releases, and they have way more resources than Khadas.

There is little point unless they can get a reliable circa 4.14-ish kernel running.

4.9 is so far behind these days (not even samba/smb2 or 3) so straight up full of security issues.

Ubu 18 is least of the worries. But note that 18 has only just been released so there are tons of things that are not even supported at x86 level, let alone aarch64. (WineHQ for example).