New Edge-V no mic input BT

Hello, I just got a new Edge-V yesterday and got it up and running today.
I tested with several Android images and versions starting with the version it was shipped with:

All had similar results, there was no input from a bluetooth microphone.
I tried the voice recorder and other applictaions but just nothing.

My end goal for this device is to be used as a hands free android assistant useing a BlueTooth audio system. I have spend 6 months trying to get the VIM3 to work and finally gave up to try the Edge-V only to run into the same road block.

Any ideas please.

Thank you

maybe a stupid advice, but have you tried other BT mics?

on the Edge so far no, I only have one at my office, at my home shop I have tried five different devices on the VIM3 Pro

The one I have on hand at this moment is a blue tooth speaker with a mic, used for hands free calling or music. It is called the Logiix Blue Piston and works well on tablets and phones under android.

Tried changing the bt codec in developer options? Sbc should be the most compatible

Thanx for this as an idea.
I messed with this a fair bit just now. No matter what codec I try it flips back to SBC when I test for BT mic input.

only testing under Qt now btw.

Is there any chance the onboard BT of the Edge is run through the USB subsystem?
I imagine I could look over the schematics but I do not shine in that area so if someone could tell me plz.

I know it is impossible to use hands free protocol on Android over a USB connected BT adapter so I am starting to theorize that maybe the onboard BT is actually a USB chip onboard…

@JustSumDad I will solve the problem that BT mic can’t be used as soon as possible.



Thank you, this has been very frustrating.

My project has been held back a year now, half due to covid causing delay in shipment and half due to this issue.

Project: Motorcycle based carPC application based on Android.
As it is a motorcycle, hands free operation is a must and the helmet is connected via bluetooth.

Thank you again.


are we getting close to a next release maybe with the fix?


@JustSumDad This issue has been submitted to rockchip and has not yet been resolved.

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Thank you for the update.

@JustSumDad I have switched on Bluetooth, tell me your specific verification method, and send me the corresponding APK. I will verify whether it works for you.