New case for vim2?

I saw mentions about a new case/shell in a review post here in the forums. Is this official? Is there a ETA? I’d love to pick a Vim2 up but would probably wait for this.


Interpreting the quiet as a silent accept :slight_smile:

Hi, Bea11:
Sorry for the late response. :wink:

Yes, we are planing to design a new & modern case for both VIMs, but now we still cannot tell you the ETA, bassically, in Shenzhen, a mould should take:

  • ID/CD designing: 3-4 weeks
  • First CNC demo: 1 weeks
  • Mould: around 8-10 weeks

Hi Gouwa,
I will not set up a new topic and ask here. Are you planning to release Vim2 + VTV Extension DTV Board case?

VTV is developed by SuperDVB company, you may need to ask @Frank.DTV for the information.

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Thanks for replying! I’m happy to pay a bit more for something that feels high quality. Perhaps consider a metal casing and distribute the heat via heatsink to it?

Edit: I also think the “tinker” case you have today should be an option. I’m personally more inclined to a closed box but they seem to be opposite ends of what people want from a box.


The current vim2 case has severe overheating issues. I got it today and run some antutu benchmark it hit 95C. I removed the top cover and it hovers around 75C to 85C in the same test.
I hope the new case has a fan and proper heatsinks.