NEMS Linux for Khadas VIM3 is here! [Nagios]

Hi everyone!

Many of you are already familiar with my project, NEMS Linux, but for those who aren’t, NEMS stands for “Nagios Enterprise Monitoring Server” and it is a modern pre-configured, customized and ready-to-deploy Nagios Core image designed to run on single board computers.

I am pleased and excited to announced that NEMS Linux 1.5 is now available for the Khadas VIM3.

Download NEMS Linux 1.5 for the Khadas VIM3 at

I hope you love it! :smiley:

Shoutout to @balbes150 for answering some of my early questions to help get my head around how the VIM3 differs from other SBCs I’ve ported to, and for the work on the Armbian build.


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and for the khadas edge v, it will be good too, to do it.

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I very much hope to have the opportunity to port NEMS Linux to other Khadas boards, including the Edge-V. I’ll begin with the VIM3 for now and hopefully I can get some other boards to develop on as well so you can install it on other Khadas boards. I’ll be sure to let the community know once others are supported.


If you use a standard main kernel similar to Armbian\LE, then running on other Khadas products is very simple, specify the correct DTB in “uenv.ini”. that is, the principle of running is exactly the same as in Armbian and Libreelec. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info @balbes150 – that’s great to know, but unfortunately would not quite work in the case of NEMS Linux since the hardware is detected via a script at boot and the appropriate functionality provided by the various distro components. Until I have test hardware to test against, I cannot add the hardware to the detection system. So even though the board would boot (as in, the OS itself would load), functionality would be broken.

That said, your suggestion could save me a lot of time in development since I can use the VIM3 build as a base to create the Edge build, for example.