Need to change DTB,

Hi guys,
I had to clarify this doubt,
I am in the need of modifying the kernel DTB many times for the testing of my project,
My question is if I need to modify the DTB for a few things which are not related to modules etc. is it enough if I just modify and recompile the modified DTS to the new DTB and just replace the file?, Need a bit of help,
@hyphop , @numbqq

Hello @Electr1

Yes you can only compile the dtb from the dts and replace it with the older dtb and test it.

Make sure all the modules are present in the kernel which is needed for the dtb to work.

Good luck.


Thank you, @Spikerguy

dtb/dts its like configuration file for kernel (we have one kernel + modules and many dtbs for diff socs )

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Thanks for your response @hyphop