Native clear Ubuntu for VIM3

Hello, guys
Is there any way to install the official Ubuntu image from on VIM3?
If yes, is there any instruction to install it with SD/USB?
Maybe Im blind, but didnt find any solution yet(

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Hello! processors such as Amlogic, Rockchip and the like, they are primarily Media-processors, and they go from the factory to Android, everything related to Linux-systems is largely the work of individual developers.

The basic answer here is no.

The images there are ready to use if you have an x86 system or a mac
there are some arm images there but they are not going to know how to use the hardware layers in almost any system.
You could get it to load and boot but the work to add and ajust everything is very advanced.
As Vladimir.v.v was saying above, this is the work of individual developers.

Just use the ubuntu image Khadas has already done the really hard work on.

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@Anatrop Why you want to use the ubntu offical image ?

there isn’t an “official” ubuntu image for ARM devices (other than the RPi)
each ARM SoC has its own specificity for a unique modification of the ARM linux kernel, and has its own bootloader (uboot, uefi, and other variants)

the original image can be simply modified with replacing the bootloader, and kernel, and any other applicable files, and binaries…,

the same has been done with khadas images built with fenix, a script made by khadas to make the Ubuntu image straight from the source, which makes it the closest you can ever get to an official Ubuntu image

hope it solves your question…