My massage to khadas

Out of my Experience .
its the most junky open source device i have ever bought . no god support and no fast development . i hope my words reach the developer of this bloody thing . man why didn’t you understand the beauty of open source devices . why when i come to this form i feel
that the place is full of $ catchers no sharing old mentality for the technology . that’s why xda and thingivers and other respective people are neglecting you and your bloody product . because you are money seeker not a developer ,

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Not a single concrete fact is not specified, the number of messages on the forum just two empty accusations. It seems that competitors are angry and engaged in black PR.


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As i said before old minds and money seekers all over the place
competitors what a fumy grand papa mind you have huny

i bought this vim2 . and i cant even find stl files to print replacement
parts for the broken . cheap plastic kase came with it

your Khadas is an open source project but DVB/DTV extension board breaks this rule

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i have more than 100 god reasons to tell about your product . but the most one that i hat is money lovers

DVB/DTV extension board breaks this rule
hosing diagrams breaks this rule
Gipos breaks this rule

Here are all the summery & stats of your account at the moment, we didn’t see any post from you before, I think, at least, you should let us know your detailed issues you met and I think our team should try to resolve this:

vTV board devloped by our partner, they didn’t release their source code due to their businees mode.

Well, anyway, enjoy and good day!

Dear Gouwa thank you for your answer . yes since i bought this card
as you see from my history and date . this card is thrown in my closet because off broken housing and hi temperature and few roms and every thing is treated like big seecret like gipos and original case diagramm . and i have seen many people asking for the same thing
many times but nothing happen . no help for using the device for micro controlling and home automation .
all my hopes when i bought this card has desperad .
on thing balbes150 was right about is my anger .

The VIM boards are oriented (in my opinion) to media consumption, video/TV playing etc. If you want something for home automation then there are better and cheaper options out there.

I have a VIM1, works perfectly for me as a video player, and always got support here. If you want people to help you maybe you should think about the tone of your comments.

Just my $0.02


plastic case broken should not imply that the board or the company is bad. many other boards do not even come with any free plastic cases. as the board is aimed at diyers, diyers should be able to repair broken plastic housing in most cases