Multiple cameras on the Vim 3

Is there a way to have another camera than the one you previously showed ? For example, is there a way to have a raspberry pi camera working on the Vim 3 ? By software or something ?

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it is actually quite small : 40x40x47MM

what’s the SNR of this sensor+lens ?

Looking at the spec of the sensor, it’s a killer sensor!!!

Can you please tell us when this will be available ?

I am is desperate need of a single camera for a project that my company is building and time is not a luxury I have.

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Have you actually measured how much 4 centimetres(!) is? I don’t have 4 centimetres of space available for a lens in the product I’m building. 4cm is nearly the height of the actual VIM3 board, so this lens adds another half VIM3. at four times the VIM3 thickness.

Talk about slow…4 days to get a response ? That is unacceptable. I am going to go with another board setup that does NOT use a proprietary connector for something as simple as a camera. There are others out there that have way better customer service than " Thank you for emailing us, put it on our forums so we can take forever to reply"

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Understand your frustration and I as well began investigating into other possibilities as well.

FYI, ArduCam posted a blog entry recently where they introduce a Raspberry Pi header that allows connecting two (up to) 16MP cameras and it looks quite promising. It is compatible with a variety of already available ArduCam cameras and is supposed to launch pretty soon. Paired with the Coral USB accelerator (which should be capable of doing 4 TOPS on a Raspberry Pi 4 that supports USB 3.0) this could be a pretty good setup. And first of foremost the community is lot more vibrant and Raspberry engineers appear to be more responsive on their forums.

It’s no use that Khadas promised dual high-MP camera support and a 5 TOPS NPU if neither of these things are working. And I fear that at the point where they will be working, other options with better specs will be available. For me TTM is crucial as I’m building a product and simply can’t wait for Khadas to get their hard- and software straight, even though I would have liked to use the VIM3.


Already there, Raspberry Pi 4 is the way to go.

Already have it up and operational with Linux and streaming over the internet.

How much process is required to add IMX219?

Quite lot!

And currently, we will only add OS08A10 first. :wink:

When will the camera using OS08A10 be released?

I literally cannot wait! Keep up your great job

Hi Guys,

Khadas Shop just released VIM3’s Camera, welcome to order, ~~~


How can I integrate 2 cameras to the board? How do I connect?

@JohnMD Why you need to use two mipi camera ? Even if you use a special way to connect two mipi cameras to the board, you can only use one at the same time, it is impossible to use two at the same time. If you need to use two cameras, it is recommended that you use a mipi camera and a USB camera

Fixes: possible to support dual cameras on VIM3 via MIPI-CSI interface.

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I am tinkering on a project that needs stereovision for gesture recognition. Which camera-modules are compatible from Khadas? Is there a way to use Arducam modules or other 3-party vendor? Compatible LIDAR-modules would be +
Thank you

Hi, can you show (on photo, for example) how to two cameras should be connected to one MIPI-CSI without adapter? I’m puzzled…

Your cameras are pretty expensive, and I want to be sure that I would connect them without an adapter before ordering two.

Everyone successfully connected two cameras to VIM3?

Sorry, We haven’t still release the two camera modules now, you need to use usb camera if you want to add multiple cameras support.

Hi @dr_begemot
Do you mind to share more information of the dual camera applications in your project? We was planning to develop a new dual module with dual camera support.

Basically, we’d like to know the requirements of:

  • Sensor
  • Lens

Thanks and I will track on this.

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