Multiple cameras on the Vim 3

For a personal project I plan on using a triple camera setup. So, I was searching about multiple cameras on the Vim 3 but I found nothing. So, I open this topic to ask if it’s possible to have 3 cameras on this computer somehow ? The specs say the Vim 3 supports dual cameras. Does this mean you can only have 2 cameras total (USB + one on the MIPI-CSI interface) or does it mean that the MIPI-CSI interface can handle 2 cameras ? I would be very happy to have more informations about that because this SBC is perfect for my project. Thank you in advance.

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Below is the spec of the A311D 8MP HDR ISP:

  • Single pixel per clock architecture with 600 Mpixel throughout
  • Multi Camera, Multi Exposure
    • Support up to 2 cameras, up to 8M pixel sensors, up to 60fps
    • 1 x 8Mpix x 60fps, or 1 x 8Mpix x 30fps x 2exp
    • 2 x 4Mpix x 60fps, or 2 x 8Mpix x 30fps

Regarding the triple cameras, I still have to confirm again, and I will update here.

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First thanks for responding this fast !
Is it possible to have 2 cameras on the MIPI-CSI interface (via an adapter) ?

Actually, extra adapter is not required, as the MIPI-CSI connector with two clocks and can works as two mode:

  • Clock A + 4 lanes
  • Clock A + 2 lanes & Clock B + 2 lanes

BTW, may I know that why you need 3 cameras?

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Yeah sure, I’m building an autonomous lawnmower for my mother. So I need 2 extra cameras to detect obstacles and borders to the side of the robot (1 front camera and 2 side cameras).

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How do I implement this double camera setup physically ? Do you know any tutorial on how to do that ?

I want to connect two rasperryi cam , maybe 8mp or 5 MP .how can I connect two camera on the mipi-csi to vim3

You can’t connect 2 rasberry pi cameras at the same because the CPU can only handle 8 megapixel total and those cameras are 5 MP or 8MP. But If you have two 4MP (or less) similar to the rasberry pi then you can do it. Now, how do you physically do it I don’t know, I don’t understand the schematic that the staff gave above well enough to tell you. That’s actually what I want and understand to know too.

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Is there a list somewhere of compatible MIPI-CSI cameras that can be used on the VIM3? I tried a couple now and neither worked, leading to the VIM3 not even turning on anymore while connected. A list of compatible cameras would help a lot here.

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Currently, A311D only support below sensors, it will take some time to add more sensors:

  • IMX290
  • IMX307
  • IMX415
  • OS08A10

Can you give some examples of ready-to-use modules? (e.g. links to aliexpress or something)

I’m having a really hard time to find a MIPI-CSI module that fits the VIM3’s 30 pin connector, especially with the sensors that you listed above. The IMX290 seems to mostly only exist as USB module, the IMX307 I can barely find and the IMX415 doesn’t seem to exist as “breakout” at all. As for the OS08A10 I can only find modules (e.g. ) that are less than 20 pin, hence won’t fit the VIM3.

Maybe Khadas could provide a list of tested & compatible, ready to use modules on their site? After all they’re marketing the VIM3 as dual-camera MIPI-CSI capable, which for me was the reason to buy it in first place.

Thank you!

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Yes, you cannot find a existing camera module for VIM3 as the pinout is not a standard.

We will build a camera module for VIM3, but it will take a few weeks for delivering.


Where and when will we be able to get this camera module ?

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will you provide m12 lens with the sensor ?

We tend to use the CS mount lens with sensor for Surveillance applications, some one like this:

PS: my hand is not as famous as @tsangyoujun one :blush:


Oh yeah that would work too!

Any ETA ?

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Hello, is it possible working with two USB cameras ?
Amlogic series seems to support only one USB camera despite I have a edge but its too hot to work for 4K analytics.

Give it a little time.:laughing:

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Initial Specs:

  • Sensor: OS08A10
  • Lens:
    • CS Mount
    • Aperture: F2.0
    • HFOV: ~150
  • IR CUT
  • Dimensions: 40x40x47MM


Can a smaller lens be used? I don’t have that much space where I would like to use the Khadas cameras.