MQA Decoding Tone2 Pro: SPIDF?

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Just wondering whether the Tone2 can also decode MQA files through its SPDIF input ? Or is it only with the USB input ?
Also have people already tested this MQA Decoder feature with either PC, Mac, and Linux ? Is it working well with all of them ?
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Hi Mika,
T2P can only support MQA decoding via USB input til now, and yes the MQA works for either PC, MacOS and Linux with MQA player installed.

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The MQA Decoder works great over USB. I’ve tested with Linux and macOS. All of the various Format colors to indicate MQA formats work as advertised. I’m sure Windows works as well with the proper driver installed.

When using the S/PDIF input on the Tone2 Pro, the Format feature of the LED ring (momentarily shows different colors to indicate the input sampling rate) does not seem to work at all. Since that’s the only indication that the DAC is processing MQA, I assume MQA is unsupported over S/PDIF. It would be nice if the Format display feature worked for PCM sampling rates, though. @Gouwa, is this just a limitation of the current design? I wonder if this feature could be added with new firmware…

I also discovered that DoP is not supported on the S/PDIF input, so USB is also required for DSD playback. Some DACs do support DSD64 over S/PDIF, but not the Tone2 Pro.

One last niggle regarding S/PDIF, the user manual seems to suggest that the S/PDIF connection supports both input and output. In my testing, this does not seem to be the case. Only input is possible.

Hello, From this page, “Tone2 Pro will support S/PDIF Out when loaded with a special version of our firmware.”.
I assume that is a future special firmware, but there exists hope. :slightly_smiling_face:

MQA over USB only, according to Gouwa.