Modifying NPU demo app to run on GUI desktop or support touch response in FrameBuffer mode

Hi everyone,

Can I run NPU app/demo in GUI desktop mode in khadas VIM3 Ubuntu? Because Khadas NPU demo doesn’t work in desktop GUI mode, it’ll only run in framebuffer mode. what has to be changed to make the desktop GUI mode supported? I see here:

#    X11_DRI3                   1      Use DRI3 framework to support X11. 

Will this make it run on GUI desktop mode?

Sorry for so many questions, but I am new to this and seek some guidance.
Actually, I am trying to run a custom YOLOv3 object detection on VIM3 NPU with touch/click support so that when I touch/click on the screen while running the YOLOv3 the screenshot/camera image gets captured and stored in the disk. It doesn’t matter where I’ll be able to run the demo either on desktop mode or framebuffer mode.

Also, if I change the source code for MIPI here:
will it also work for YOLOv3 as this is in YOLOface folder and I couldn’t find any YOLOv3 specific folder?

I just wanted to know what/where I can change the code to add that touch/click response in source code either of yours or khadas’s.

I hope you could help me. Maybe @RichardG or @Archangel1235 can help me?


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I have used this code… it works in normal desktop too… but the problem is yolo performs very slow as it uses software do decode and render frames…

you could also try this…


Thank @Archangel1235, What could be the next steps for me if I edit the main.cpp and other file’s codes to reflect the changes in binaries and run the YOLOv3 demo on NPU.


can changing ‘X11_DRI3’ variable value make it run on GUI desktop mode?


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The code is using mobile net v2 as of now… the code is using an old version of NPU sdk so you will have to re convert the notebook files using the new sdk…

I would suggest first try with MobilenetV2 itself and see then switch to yolov3

not sure about this


Hey @Archangel1235, here I wasn’t taking about larrylart’s code I was asking for the next steps after modifying the code in Khadas NPU app, How will I be able to build the binaries again with updated functionality?