Miracast and Tone Board

Hello everybody, when I share my smartphone contents with Vim2 using the Miracast app, the audio goes through the hdmi to the monitor, instead of going through the tone board (and then the amplifier) . Any suggestion to fix?

Hi Marcoc:
Which version ROM you installed on your VIM2?

The Tone Board is a kind of USB audio card, so you might need to do some setup for that.

Have fun!

Hello Gouwa,

I have the VTV, so I have the last ROM version available for it.
In fact it has not been updated since a very long time. The tone board did not exist when I installed the VTV and the dedicated ROM.
Unfortunately I amo not able to do more than settings (I am not a programmer) so, as long as there is no possiblitiy to configure MIRACAST in order to use the proper sound exit, I can’t do much to solve.

Thank you anyway.

The issue happen only when you use the Miracast App and no problem for other Apps, right?