Mips 40 pin screen power

Which system do you use?


Which version of system do you use?

Khadas official images

Please describe your issue below:

MIPS 40 pin screen connector. Using an adafruit 40 pin 5" screen w/ touch item: adafru.it/1596
Usbc pd only - dull blinking red light on board no power
I made the mistake of only pluging power into usb/pd
and it fried the ribbon cable. I have a 7" but I dont want to destroy it

When you remove the cable, does Edge2 works well?

I think you are asking if the board still works after it fried the screen. Yes it works.

The engineers at khadas need a refresher course because I plugged the screen into 40 pin and got no power. Latte panda, udoo, pi, all my other SBC work perfectly. NEVER once an issue. Khadas has not designed the board properly. It’s an unfortunate failure because it could have been ok but if you can’t even handle the most basic of tasks like adding a screen then you know they failed in lots of places.

I have a camera somewhere that is 30 pin. I’ll try that and see if the engineers were smart enough to make those connectors properly but I doubt it.

I also ordered some parts from khadas so ill see if those work but if they can’t get the board right I doubt it.

This board was 200 or so bucks so I’m pretty mad. I should be paid for the testing and development that I’m doing for their engineers. I was a web dev fof 20+ years and only have a BS in Comp. Info. Systems but I always have to clean up after engineers. Maybe it’s their adhd, mine helps me figure problems out not so much for others.

They don’t even have basic set up instructions out you can’t find anything anywhere. I mean it would be pretty bad if i had to configure the thing to turn on parts of it. Especially if they don’t include all that info in a very easy to find, very comprehensive set of instructions. They need to go look how prusa or bondtech has their site and instructions. They have a great thing going and everyone needs to follow their lead because they know their customers MAKE them or BREAK them…

Any who I’m in a mood and having a day and hate having to try to act as an internet sleuth to find info that should be given to me. I’ll work on it after I eat and hang out with my ducks.

Hello @etothex

The connector is compatible with our add-ons - TS050, you can’t use other screen with diffreent pin order.

Please don’t do this it the pin order is not the same.

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I bought the fan, it does not work. I bought the screen from you and IT DOES NOT WORK!!!

This is a terrible product that you poorly designed and tried to pass off. I am returning all this junk. You can look up my order: fan, i/o, screen, camera.

This board cant do anything but run your image. NONE of the additional components work. I am very angry because I despise thieves and conmen. You guys are both.

Hello @etothex

The FAN and screen should work without problems if you use current image installed from OOWOW. What’s the problem from your side?



Your documentation is terrible. Inaccurate. Your english is bad so it doesnt make sense. You’re missing all detail. Your docs are as bad as you sbc

video of docs and screen

video of my screen not working

Hello @etothex

Thanks for your feedback, we will improve the documentations.

Now, for your issue the screen doesn’t work is that you connect the screen in the wrong way.

The correct way should be like this in the documentation.

But you did it wrong in the video.

Please note the golden pins directions, and change the cable directions.

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you wont let me upload a movie. you guys are awful

i did plug in the cable right. I have the overlay set. your scrreen does not work. Let me take pictures since you guys are not smart enough to allow video

You only allow 1 pic. You guys are a mess

Connected properly but i cant upload the pic
Ubuntu shows 2 screens but there is no display

Forum dosen’t support upload file directly, so you can post the video link here as you done above.

Why not more pictures? Please check the post above from me.

Please make sure use our PD adaptor to supply the power. Also no display on the HDMI screen?