Mipi csi imx290 camera

My friend have diy a mipi csi imx290 camera for me referencing os08a10 interface.

Now, I want to run the diy mipi csi imx290 camera in vim3.
What should I modify?


may be like this:

  1. change os08a10 to imx290 in /boot/env.txt
  2. add imx290.dtbo in /boot/dtb/overlays


by the way, can any body provide me imx290.dtbo? or can I borrow this file from raspberrypi?


No, you have to change the dts source to match the camera.

change this file ?

and then rebuild kernel ?

after changed this file, it will automatically generated imx290.dtbo instead of os08a10.dtbo?



No, you need rebuild the kernel debian package and install the package on board.

Got. Thanks.

what need to modify is only this two lines, right?


求助。 @numbqq

/boot/env.txt 内容没修改:
overlays=uart3 pwm_f i2c3 i2s watchdog os08a10

by the way请问:
没有imx290.dtbo 会有什么影响吗?

dmesg 打出的log:
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If I add this camera in the DTS then will I be able to access this camera from my Application?
I have VIM3 with Android 9. Is driver for this camera available for Android 9?