MIPI CSI Camera - Board Camera or Pin Adapter

Yes, the Ubuntu ROM we built support this camera module, and the NPU demo we released also based on this camera module.

@numbqq will response more details on this.

Have fun!

Current demo is software processing. We can use GE2D to accel these processing, but still need to debug…

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Hi… Does anybody have insight in associating cmos camera modules to the Udoo Quad (aside from the Udoo camera module)?

Is it conceivable to utilize some sort of connector between the 24-pin camera module and the 16-pin Udoo csi port?

If all else fails, I would attempt to make a custom board for the OV5640 picture sensor that accommodates my dimensional prerequisites and can be connected to the Udoo’s csi port, so I would likewise like any important data for that.

pcba manufacturer with iso 13485 certificate

Hi team,

I hope this camera module could support Khadas? Please clarify it.