MIPI CSI Camera - Board Camera or Pin Adapter


I’ve had my VIM3 for a few months now, still waiting for camera boards to become available.
Any word on when Khadas will be relasing boards for any of the “supported” sensors? (IMX290, IMX307, IMX415, OS08A10)

Perhaps there is at least an adapter board to convert from Khadas’ non-standard 3.3v CSI implementation, to one used by the set of standard boards?

We will release OS08A10 soon, the prototype works out on VIM3 now:


Great news! Put me down for one.

Wow! How many FPS in 4k and 1080P? All hardware or cpu usage ?

Does this camera module support android camera2 api ?

The VIM3 support Camera2/HAL3 on Android Pie.

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When will you release this camera module? 2020-Q1?
Also, How many max fps will this module support?(ex.1920x1080@60fps, 1280x720@120fps)

We already placed the order to our supplier and the 1st batch will be ready in Jan 2020.



Awesome! At first, is the Driver for Linux or android ?

Both, now was tested on Linux, but Android will be available soon.

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Great! Do you have a unit price for that sensor+lens ?

I have a few questions about the camera

  1. The angle of lenses will be change as fov zoom
  2. Do you have dual camera option

I would like to share my personal ideas about these questions

  1. I really need my zoom lens, you can maybe make it so that the lens can be added - we can get the corresponding lens from the outside to 50 ° to 80 ° as the zoom lens, fov lense
  2. Having two cameras will seriously highlight vim3

I searched for the OSO8AO Lens. The night performance looks great and has a high resolution and low power consumption. Liked it very much.
It’s not my place to interfere,
I just want to give you advice.

I wish you convenience in your work. Good luck.

@Khadas Team:

What is the status of camera for VIM3?
I read that it should be available at jan’20.

Currently khadas team is off duty till 17th Feb, this is due to the corona virus emergency.

They will reply once they’re back to work.

Hi Guys,

Khadas Shop just released VIM3’s Camera, welcome to order, https://www.khadas.com/product-page/os08a10-8mp-camera ~~~

Why is it so expensive

Realy??? 79 usd?? And not have autofocus…
I gues khadas see many user asck about camera and put this price…
Hardware encoding is avaible for vim3?

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The camera module is designed for surveillance & industry applications, not cosumer applications as IMX214 that desiged for Edge.

And the reason why expensive is that:

  • With removable IR-Cut filter, eliminating color distortion in the daylight
  • Surveillance level image sensor and Lens

Have fun!

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Hey GouwaKhadas Team

When relase a camera for cosumer applications? I need a camera with autofocus and maybe advice me from where i can find FPC cable a little long, because for my project i need more distances(30-40cm) from board to camera :slight_smile:

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Hi @Gouwa,

Thank you - this hardware is fantastic for our use case (surveillance).
Is there existing (or a plan/roadmap) for supporting Linux documentation/sample code (not Android) for

  • hardware accelerated processing (compression/decompression/colourspace conversion/transformation etc)
  • NPU processing of frames

The hardware and raw frame access is a start but ideally this only becomes useful where there is something like gstreamer integration - as gstreamer brings with it a set of development conventions.

Thanks and regards,

Adam Langley