Micro led ,smd led vim2


quelle est le modèle de smd led blanche qui est utilisé sur vim2.

pourquoi quand j’éteins mon vim2 avec Reboot appk ,ca coupe le cooling fan en 3,3v mais pas en 5,5v.

Hi, Fred:
I’m not quite understand your question: actually, there is no relationship between the while LED and the cooling fan.

You can check the VIM2 schematic for the LED info:

For your reboot question: can you kindly specify it with more details.


thank you for the answer.

it was the ref of the smd led that I wanted.

the one on my vim2 does not work anymore or not.

for the cooling fan, according to my readings gpio 3,3v and cut when one is not, but not in 5,5v