Manjaro Stable Release Boot Method to be used?

Hello Khadas Team,

I am preparing for Manjaro ARM Stable release that should be available by next weekend.
Manjaro ARM 22-02

I wanted to ask which boot method should be kept default ?
Mainline uboot or bootscript over bsp uboot on emmc ?


  • Default image with Mainline Uboot can be used with Krescue to just flash it to emmc without any manual changes so it does not break with future update.
  • No need to depend on BSP Uboot.


  • With Mainline Uboot user’s will need to enter into Maskrom mode for Vim3 and Vim3L to boot.
  • Above point will have to be followed on every boot.

I have been using Mainline uboot for Vim1 & Vim2 as they can boot over BSP without manual intervention. So this question is regarding Vim3 and Vim3L only.

Kindly let me know by tomorrow.


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It’s your decision. Choose the method that you want to support.

I want to move to Mainline uboot and avoid bootscripts :x:

Sounds like a good plan. Carry on :slight_smile:

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Yes, it’s OK to move to mainline u-boot. :wink: