Manjaro Linux - Desktop Environment for VIM1 & VIM3

Hello Community,

I would like to know from community users which Desktop environment is preferable according to the resource provided by the Khadas Vim1 Device.

I have been working on building Manjaro Linux for Khadas Vim and continue supporting it along with Manjaro Arm Team and Balbes Sir.

Options we have:

  1. KDE
  2. LXQT
  3. MATE
  4. Minimal
  5. Server.

Current Status: Fully tested Minimal and LXQT worked fine - (Wifi drivers was manually installed), Next will be adding the wifi driver during the built process, so the user will have a ready-made img.


Hi Spikerguy:
Looking forward for your great images for VIM.

Good day!

Hi, Spikerguy!
Mate, Server with wi-fi support

I need khadam team help with graphic drivers


CPU Load with Youtube Video playing some in chromium not full-screen

When Video is paused

Fullscreen mode load

Found a V4L2 test Bench which is giving me this information.

Mate Screen

Mate Neofetch

Load with Libre Writer and Calc

KDE Neofetch

LibreCalc Load in KDE

Linux 5.0.2 Images
LXQT 19.04 - Linux 5.0.2
MATE 19.04 - Linux 5.0.2
KDE 19.04 - Linux 5.0.2
login/password: manjaro/manjaro

Server 19.07 - Linux 5.0.2
Minimal 19/07 - Linux 5.0.2
LXQT 19.07 - Linux 5.0.2
MATE 19.07 - Linux 5.0.2
Wifi Driver for Linux 5.0.2
Install Wifi Driver for Linux 5.0.2 with the follow command

sudo pacman -U --force [Filename]

Linux 5.2.0 Images
KDE 19.07 - Linux 5.2.0
LXQT 19.07 - Linux 5.2.0 IMG
Minimal - 19.07 - Linux 5.2.0
Wifi Driver for Linux 5.2.0
Install Wifi Driver for Linux 5.2.0 with the follow command

sudo pacman -U [Filename]

Server 19.07 - Linux 5.2.0

How to install:
Download the image/zip file from the download location. Verify that the download completed successfully.

After that, install Etcher ( sudo pacman -S etcher if on Manjaro) and burn it to an SD card (8 GB or larger).

Put the SD card into SD card slot and boot it up. The Vim should recognize the SD card as a bootable device and boot from it.

On the first boot of 19.07, it will display an OEM type install. After you have made your choices it will reboot into your newly setup system.

Can someone test it ? I have tested as much as I can. But still not able to get the framebuffer better than this.
Easy install wifi driver with pamac.

Khadas Vim 3 Users
Please use any image from Linux 5.2 and replace the following from uEnv.ini


This will make it boot on VIM3.

VIM3 Known Issues

  • No Audio Yet.
  • No Wifi.
  • Graphical Glitch
    Currently working on Audio fix and Wifi.

VIM3 Screenshots

Kernel Version

Bluetooth & Youtube



Did you check these out?

Let me know ur feedback on these builds


@Spikerguy These Are Great! I was looking for this… however…

I got this to boot on Khadas VIM2 (v1.2) Max by following the instructions here…
But I can’t seem to get WiFi working and the lxde version has pamac freezing during updates causing me to have to use the terminal and pacman.

These images are a little long in the tooth and are behind on updates… they are 19.04 while 19.06 is out for Manjaro on x86; any chance of these getting updated?

Otherwise Great Job @Spikerguy, Kudos and Cheers.

P.S. dodgejcr[m] over on #manjaro-arm on freenode server on IRC said:

If they guy who created that modified Manjaro-ARM image, needs help and some information about how to improve his image and bring it up to date in the meantime, have him contact me

For Wi-Fi you have to install the firmware package which i used to do for kVim1.

I havent got any reply from anyone on here to keep this going and also been busy lately.

Well as I dont have Vim2 Max, I cannot comment on it. While strit just texted me asking about Vim2 Max files which you created so if you can share the files please?

I will come on IRC on the weekend and speak to dodgejcr. Also will try to update the image on weekend.

i will deploy and test your img, even though my interest is more on server type distros

I did make a poll for the img. Server img was the last in poll so I didnt take interest in that. Whilr server img is the quickest to make.

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I can make a server img for you on this weekend. Cheers


lovely !
thks would be my arch maiden flight…

I am so surprised that Arch and Manjaro is getting so much attention. :heart_eyes:

Using this link, I assume you replaced the dtbs and it worked.?

So the uboot and kernel remained the same?

once an .xz has been downloaded, what are the steps to follow before a VIM1 will boot on this image please ?

Just Flash it to the ext Media using Etcher and boot it on KVim.

It should work fine on KVim1

I didn’t create any files, I just used the existing files and followed the instructions here:

Yes, I only replaced the dtb and left everything else the same and in tact (uboot and kernel); any further modifications would have been beyond my comprehension level.

@ravelo No modifications needed for the (Vim1) just extract the .xz file with a file unarchiver and then burn the .img file it produces with a program like etcher ( <= a commonly used utility among the community to external media, and boot the media on the device.

It works fine on KVim2 also with only changes to the .dtb file in /boot following the instructions at for the Vim2

on my linux pc, i never had issue with dd to burn images to sd or usb and boot from there