[Manjaro ARM] Vim devices Update 2022

Hello All,

I have moved all VIM devices on Manjaro ARM to use bootscript boot method as chainloader does not fulfil booting from emmc and in some cases from SDCard,

All VIM Images starting from 21.12 is using bootscript method which needs Vendor Uboot in emmc.
Except for Vim1 as it is using mainline uboot from khadas as it can boot regardless of what is inside the emmc.

I have also brought back the install-2-emmc flash script so users can boot from sdcard/usb and run this script to install the running OS on emmc.

All the images can be found here.: Dev images are using pkgs from unstable branch users should not use dev image for production.
VIM3 Releases
VIM2 Releases
VIM1 Releases
VIM3L Releases

I have been maintaining linux-khadas package at Manjaro ARM repo which is upstream mainline kernel patched with khadas patches.

All the future images will use linux-khadas as default kernel package.


Thanks for all your work.

So what is the recommended way to clean install right now?

Flash these images from github to sdcard and then install to emmc?

Just a note, I installed Linux-khadas and wifi and audio have stopped working. I’m reverting to Linux-RC for now

Which device ? I have similar complain from others on newer kernel.

Yes this is one way and I will try to work on mainline uboot images which can be used to just take and flash it on emmc using kresque.

Vim3 pro

As soon as I installed Linux - khadas, audio and wifi stopped working. Bluetooth was still working however.

I reverted to Linux RC and now everything is fine.

Yes, I can confirm after moving to linux-khadas

HDMI Audio stopped working because it is still using old conf.
Disabling New conf and enabling old conf fixes the issue
File: /usr/bin/g12_sound.sh

# Amlogic G12 HDMI to PCM0 - OLD CONF
  mixer $card 'FRDDR_A SINK 1 SEL' 'OUT 1'
  mixer $card 'FRDDR_A SRC 1 EN' on
  mixer $card 'TDMOUT_B SRC SEL' 'IN 0'
  mixer $card 'TOHDMITX I2S SRC' 'I2S B'
  mixer $card 'TOHDMITX' on

# Amlogic G12 HDMI to PCM0 - NEW CONF
#   mixer $card 'FRDDR_A SINK 1 SEL' 'OUT 0'
#   mixer $card 'FRDDR_A SRC 1 EN' on
#   mixer $card 'TDMOUT_A SRC SEL' 'IN 0'
#   mixer $card 'TOHDMITX' on
#   mixer $card 'TOHDMITX I2S SRC' 'I2S A'

This is the error on wifi:

[spikerguy@spikerguy-pc ~]$ sudo dmesg | grep brcm
[sudo] password for spikerguy:
[    5.469951] brcmfmac: brcmf_chip_recognition: SB chip is not supported
[    5.470836] brcmfmac: brcmf_sdio_probe_attach: brcmf_chip_attach failed!
[    5.477582] brcmfmac: brcmf_sdio_probe: brcmf_sdio_probe_attach failed
[    5.484063] brcmfmac: brcmf_ops_sdio_probe: F2 error, probe failed -19...
[    5.490823] usbcore: registered new interface driver brcmfmac
[    5.647759] Bluetooth: hci1: BCM4359C0 'brcm/BCM4359C0.hcd' Patch

@hyphop maybe you can advice on what patches are applied which does not accept the existing wifi firmware which works fine in mainline upstream kernel.

Another issue is reboot does not work while it works on mainline kernel.

Found the issue. I am removing the patches which reverts the hdmi audio routing while the wifi was bad mmc patch.

Only issue I have is no longer reboot with khadas patches. @hyphop

Kernel panic on reboot is from vdec drivers

Update: I can confirm after removing vdec patches reboot works fine.

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VIM3L Images are live for testing these images are based on bootscript method so need android in eMMC.

Link Here

What if we don’t have vendor uboot instead we have mainline uboot… It won’t boot?

Also what if my boot mode is spi and it has latest mainline uboot?

Then you will have to remove boot-vim3 and install uboot-vim3

I want to add both images. Bootscript method image and mainline uboot method image, but it takes a lot of time and no incentive for maintening the same. So I follow what is installed on the device by default.

I tried Manjaro-ARM-minimal-vim3-20220117.img and doesnt boot at all.
My armbian sd card works, but not this manjaro one.

What OS do you have on emmc ?
I am currently testing similar image for VIM3L and seems to boot fine unless there is BSP uboot on emmc.

I erased the emmc. There is nothing there

Please share more details on what exactly you’re doing.

The lastest image have a working mainline uboot so it should boot the device.
Please try lastest image.
Please also share which sdcard at you’re using for the test.