Manjaro Arm on external drive

As I’m not so familiar with cpu knowledge yet, I had the plan to flash manjaro on an external usb drive, so that I can boot from it on my computer at home and boot from it on the khadas vim3 when Im somewhere else, because the vim3 is so small and I can take it easy with me. As I saw that the Khadas Vim3 is oficially supported by Manjaro, I thought it might work to boot then just from the external drive and I can just leave the emmc empty. But now I just figured out that there is a specific arm version of manjaro needed, which is cool at the first place, but then it is not compatible with my home computer. So either I have to use two seperate systems, one arm for the vim3 and one non arm for my home computer. It might be possilbe to flash the arm version on an external usb drive or sd card too, but then it lost it’s sense to switch between hardware. So then the only option might be to flash the arm version directly on the emmc storage, if I can just use the system with the khadas only anyway. Do you may know if there might be a way to make manjaro not depending on the khadas? Otherwise I might had to choose a device with a different cpu?

Flash manjaro arm on vim3 emmc
Flash manjaro x64 on your home computer.
Use home directory from usb drive as home directory doesn’t have any binaries.

You can connect the usb drive to the device you want to use and it will be used as your home directory where you can save all your work.
I do like your idea but it is not so simple and i don’t see the objective here…
Reason being arm os doesn’t have full gpu and vpu support yet like x64 drivers.
Gpu driver is still under heavy developement while vpu driver is no where close to stable yet.

What do you plan to use in arm device?
You can go with edge-v as rk3399 work T860 have better gpu support but still no vpu support on mainline kernel.


Well, I was planing to get a full manjaro desktop experience, which I can take with me, to not be depended on my home computer. I just had the idea, that it would be so awesome to boot my manjaro system from an usb stick on any computer. And if i do not have a compatible computer, I could use the hardware from the khadas with an external monitor (and bluetooth keyboard) instead. Because of its size, its just nice to take it with me just in case.
I was now looking for the pinephone as well, as it might could be usable for a dekstop linux experience as well, also with manjaro. It might would be even more handy to use it independently, because of it’s built in touchscreen and provide kind of a phone experience as well. But because the pinephone is also based on arm, it limits me on the phone’s hardware. It might could be achieved on the pinephone as well with hdmi out over usb c to use it with a monitor. But its still fully dependending on the pinephone hardware then.

And yeah it would might be a compromise, to save my home directory on an external drive. So I can boot from usb drive or on the khadas and use the same files. But even if I change or add an application on the system, I have to do it twice on each system, so I think that would be to much of an effort to get both a nice desktop experience where I’m capable of and where I’m not well then use the “light version”.
Another compromise would maybe be to get an x64 mini computer. Like there are some really small ones like 6x6x4cm out there. But well its not from the opensource community and I really liked the shape of the Khadas Vim series. But beside that the only disadvanteges might just be more energy consumpiton and heat production. I just don’t know yet why Im not so into this computer. But it might be the best option. But maybe arm has more future? I dont know.

Im actually not such a fan of the raspberry pis as well, because its just not so compact formfactor and it only comes with 32bit or arm based cpu as well.

Well I may make a break now while I’m might thinking to much forward right now :laughing:
My vision just looks like, to have a small little piece of hardware in your bagpack. And its highly compatible, so you could use something like a phone screen with it and have on the go capable expereince. But you could also connect a monitor and a keyboard and mouse to it and have real desktop experience with it and might use any stationary hardware at some place to “upgrade” your power of your hardware. (not like thats samsung dex crap - I mean where the os harware and everything is compatible but independet.)
I thought I might have found something close to it. Well, maybe its not possible right now.

Well if i understood that the right way, the edge-v is still limited to the arm version.
(It sounds a bit negative, actually it is very nice to even have an arm version running on this.)


There see some options for that. Rockpix is one.

Maybe you can do with a small form tablet running manjaro linux x64

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not to mention the Odyssey PC, there are plenty of x86 systems on the market if that is what you are looking for, but its not comparable to a VIM3, edge or any other ARM SBC,
each one, suits its own purpose with its own benefits and limitations…

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Yeah that might be true. There might not be the ideal machine. Everything has its benefits and compromises… I’ll check out the Rockpix and the Odyssey PC. Thanks for that.