Mainline kernel run image_classify_224x224 failed

cd /usr/lib/modules/5.16.0-rc2/kernel/drivers/staging/npu
insmod galcore.ko

uname -a:
Linux Khadas 5.16.0-rc2 #1.0.9 SMP Fri Dec 17 14:44:28 CST 2021 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux

code changed:
printf(“begin to create_network …\n”);
printf(“create_network done!..\n”);

    printf("preprocess_network done!...\n");

    printf("postpress_network done!...\n");
    ret = aml_module_destroy(context);
    printf("aml_module_destroy done!...\n");


run output:

when aml_util_freeAlignedBuffer, it hit:
Segmentation fault

image_classify_224x224 gdb bt:

tengine lite gdb bt:

@ideafold We no longer maintain the Amlogic nn api repository, please use other APIs

I just use image_classify_224x224 to test whether NPU works.
Actually in my app it just only use Tengine lite.

I have told you many times that this api is no longer maintained, and you can’t use it on the latest NPU, so you can’t use it to test whether the NPU works

In last post, I just want to highlight that “in my app it just only use Tengine lite”.

I wil switch to use aml_npu_demo_binaries.