MacBook Pro / Tidal & Tidal via Audirvana

My T2Pro is due tomorrow.
Will it be the latest version? Will I need to update the Firmware. Not using a PC. Mac user.

Besides Audirvana what other music players for MAC can I use? I might try Roon, but there’s no way I’m buying Roon. Again, MAC user.
Thanks in advance,

Can someone please help?
I’m on a Mac. The Tool for Macos is incomplete and can’t be opened. How can i install the firmware if the tool can’t be used?

Is the VOLUME knob locked or something? I can’t push it down or in any direction. What’s going on here? I don’t get it. Is there Something that needs to be removed so the Vol knob can be moved?

Hello, I cannot help with the Mac part.
For use of the volume knob and button press function, see here, and here.

The button is activated by pulling it towards the front of the T2P, finger at the rear of the knob.

T2P manual is here, can help to explain the knob and Light Ring.

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Hi, please check out the video tutorial on setting up TB2PRO on the official Khadas YouTube channel.


So, if i can use a winblows 10 pc i can flash the Firmware? And it will be fine on the MAC?

I connected my iphone already and it played. I tried a 20,000mA powerbank in the i2s port, but it started pounding.

Yes. I had downloaded the YouTube files. Just
haven’t had time to watch.

I have the manual. I understand about the rings.

I’m playing Tidal via Audirvana. The ring light changes by itself.

You know what happened?

I turned the vol knob and the colors changed. NOT USING HEADPHONES. I thought turning the Vol Knob wasn’t supposed to have an affect. It turned red.

The volume knob affects the headphone outputs only(for now), however, the Light Ring will still show the relative volume level of the headphones, even in none are connected and RCA jacks are used. If it turned red, that would indicate the headphone output would be muted.

When a song first starts to play, the Light Ring will indicate the song format and other data briefly, before returning to the volume indicator function. The videos provide good examples of this.

If you mean if a Windows PC is used to flash new firmware to the T2P, can the same T2P then be used on a Mac as a DAC. While I have not tried it(no Mac), it would work fine.

What do you mean by this?

There was a hump in the sound. It kept beating.

Using a Win 10 PC i was able to install the drivers and run the app. It showed firmware v1.0. I don’t think i need to flash the latest firmware fron Jan 2021 because IT IS 1.0 too.

Yes! The videos are EXTREMELY helpful.

I agree. It is up-to-date. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello and good day!
UPDATE: With a little practice the Vol Knob isn’t difficult at all to Navigate. Your video really helped!

Next: I tried connecting an Oppo Smart Phone type C to type C to the Tone 2, but nothing happened. No power at all. I did read in the manual that connecting most Android phones would work.
Do I need to download something? I remember seeing an “android tool” on the support page when I was downloading the drivers for Windows.

Just ordered a Nokia 5.4 Android 10 with tons of storage so that I can download Tidal songs and play on the Tone 2.

Thank you very much,

That is good to hear, ref learning the knob. Yes, Khadas(You Jun) did a good job on the video.

I have had no trouble using the T2P with my Moto G Power. Just a note, a phone must support OTG function on its USB port to use the T2P(or other peripherals like a mouse or keyboard). Do keyboard or mouse work on the Oppo Smart Phone? Check to make sure the Nokia 5.4 has the OTG function.

The Android Tool you report seeing was probably a Window’s tool used to flash firmware on some of Khadas’ SBCs, it is unlikely T2P related.

There’s an OTG setting. Switched it on and success!
Thanks for reminding me.

Yes. You Jun has a good sense of humor and is easy to listen to.

Been using the USB 3 Lightening camera adapter to stream Tidal from my iPhone. Yes i have to connect a powerbank or an iPhone brick to power the unit up.
So, all I really need is a type C to Lightening cable? Apple C78?
Thanks again

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Normal charging cable not work, and we will sell the cable ASAP.

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Copy. Please let me know when.

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