M2x v2 clone wake up problem

I made a pcb to use the quectel em06 lte module with vim3. it doesn’t seem to work. the led don’t blink. with the original everything works good. where is the problem? there is a difference in power between m2x v1 and v2. v1 use theI2S_MCLK1 + tdmc d0 . v2 useTDMC_SCLK+ transistor and TDMC_FS+ transistor. which is correct?

@colet95 @Totti will help you with this problem.

Hi,the M2X_V11 has the POE module;M2X_V20 have no POE module;
In V11/V20 SCH , the I2S_MCLK1/TDMC_SCLK PINs are used for the "4G module wake up the host ";They are output PINs;They have nothing to do with whether your board is working or not.
In V20 SCH ,For the needs of some customers, the reset control of 4G module was added. the TDMC_FS is used for reset the 4G module .If you don’t need to reset it, you don’t have to connect the 4G reset signal. It has a pull-up resistance inside
USIM_DET is not need to connect a 10K to GND.
The problem may be also related to PCB, especially the M. 2 M Key on VIM3.The 4G module is M.2 B Key.

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