M.2 SSD and TS050 with VIM3L and Volumio


Trying to get the TS050 display and a M,2 SSD working with the VIM3L and Volumio.

Both the display and the SSD work with Ubuntu 20.04 installed, but are not working with Volumio.

Any help / guidance will be appreciated.

Hi @zman01, since Volumio uses mainline linux kernel, it doesn’t have support for the TS050, until mainline gets the touchscreen support it won’t be possible


Thank you for your response.

If not a touch display, is it possible to use the TS050 as a display only?

TS050 support was merged upstream in December 2020, see https://github.com/torvalds/linux/commit/b215212117f73bc6426d71ee344ef6cc88947916

Maybe they don’t have it enabled.

There is no Volumio for VIM3L, only for VIM1, VIM2 and VIM3, using Khadas 4.9 kernel.