M.2 Slot Orientation

So mostly just a warning to those like me…The M.2 slot on the bottom of the board is, in my opinion, backwards…I understand and see the various M2X extensions, but it still seems very odd. And since there isn’t any case other than KKSB (And yes, I see they now have a desktop case that supports the M2X extension, but that is a recent addition and I already purchased the initial slim model) makes it kinda awkward.

On a positive note it’s been a blast using it for various projects! But I wanted to add some bigger storage to it, while maintaining my KKSB case (Which once I added some additional copper heatsink shims cools great…Another issue being early adopter) when I spent like 5 minutes just looking at the bottom of the board wondering “Where is the mounting hole?!?”. Guess can just cram a 1TB microsd card and be done with it.

Just a chat.
I have noticed that the m.2 slot of VIM4 extends foot print at memory attach. This is a very much disapointing feature and further total cost is reaching to recent intel cpu cheap mini PC. The advantage of its small size will be lost with bigger foot print. I do not need ms windows so I am expecting cheap intel mini pc w/o os.