M.2/PCIe setup instructions fail

I found instructions for setting up the NVMe/PCIe port here (https://docs.khadas.com/vim3/HowToSetupPcieUsbPort.html) but when I type

$ cat /sys/class/mcu/usb_pcie_switch_mode

I get

cat: /sys/class/mcu/usb_pcie_switch_mode: No such file or directory

and when I cd into the mcu folder and look, the only file there is “poweroff”

So I guess the folder that controls the USB 3.0/PCIe mode is missing completely???

How do I fix this. I have a NVMe SSD that I want to use with the VIM3, but I’m at a bit of a loss as to how to enable the connection.

Help please!

Can you try this node?

$ cat /sys/class/usb_pcie_switch/mode
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Ok that did it! … with the additional benefit that the system now recognizes my 1TB SATA hard drive (it didn’t show up before). Thanks for the help!