M.2 NIC interface on VIM3

Is it possible to use the M.2 port on a VIM3 for a second NIC?
I’m thinking on installing OpenWRT on my VIM3 and use it as a router/firewall, but for that I would need another NIC. For example this one:

Hi @d1str0, Welcome to the community!

If the card uses the same m.2 key layout (B+M), it should work without any interconnect boards and use the provided single lane of bandwidth offered by the device.

You need to make sure:

  • there is a supporting linux kernel driver that is available for aarch64 (mainly in the upstream linux kernel)
  • write the necessary network stack configuration on your distro (in this case, OpenWRT)


Thanks @Electr1
I will find a compatible M.2 NIC, test it and report back my findings.

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